Friday, October 23, 2009

Some call me Huggie.. But Adia can always call me Auntie.

Many of you know of the story of Adia, and how several women -Adia's Aunties - came together to give her a second chance at life.

Most of you also know how it all went awry, not only possibly preventing future help for Adia, but also crushing the spirits of these Aunties who sacrificed so much to help someone they knew they'd never meet.

As I attempted to read the slanderous and nasty accusations following a certain blog post, I found myself wondering where exactly I stood in this whole mess.. After a lot of thought and meditation, I decided to address the subject on my own blog.

Firstly, I whole heartedly believe that everyone involved in what was hoped to become the ADIA Foundation went into it with love, hope, and the best intentions. Especially Nutmegclick. Many of you will call me foolish for believing her, but I have followed her threads from the beginning, and she never once asked for money. She never ASKED people to list charity items. These people did so willingly, on their own accord.

Nutmeg may have not gone about this all in the most appropriate way, but you have to remember that she didn't see a starving kid on the street and say "Oh, hey, I'm going to start a foundation for her!!" She simply saw a starving child and couldn't walk away. She reacted to it all much as I think I would, myself. Things escalated much too quickly, as all of the kind hearted people on etsy offered their help.

The big controversy, I believe, was that she had stolen the money which was donated to help Adia. As this has been proven false, why is there still controversy?

I know the big debate now is whether or not she is reselling and other inappropriate conduct involving her shop. I don't know anything about this, so I can't really make a statement. If any of it is true, fine. How many shops have we all seen with questionable listings? If you don't think it's right, flag it and go on. Do what you would with any other shop.

I wonder how many of you have considered what consequences Nutmeg may suffer due to the lies that have been pursued? Many of you are stating opinions as fact. And even if she is a hippie, did drugs, is/was promiscuous, has a "flowery" vocabulary, spells color "c-o-l-o-u-r" instead of "c-o-l-o-r," who CARES? That doesn't make her a bad person! Guess what guys, I have *gasp* smoked pot before! But I am an awesome person with a good heart. I believe her to be, as well.

I don't know Nutmeg in person. We've talked several times, even before the Adia situation, and I have always liked her. That said, I have no proof that she's honest and warm. I haven't looked up files and records to prove my hunch. Indeed, I'll even admit that I could be very wrong. But my faith that a person could do so much to help another being with no ulterior motive is what keeps me beautiful inside and what gives me peace.

Thank you for reading,
Huggie (a.k.a. hippiehempstress)


moonstr said...

you srsly made me cry you are so beautiful!

Huggie said...

I ♥ you, moonie!! :)

Chantelle said...

You said that the big controversy was that she had stolen money. That wasn't exactly the problem, from my perspective.

Nutmeg clearly did not steal the money that is in the ADIA account. However, we don't know what has happened to the money that she did receive.

Nutmeg claims to have proof of where some money was spent (in hospital receipts) but refuses to produce it; when she is asked to provide any kind of proof or answer detailed questions about thngs that don't match up, she evades the questions, attacks people, or ignores the person.

Because of the lack of proof and behaviours when questioned, along with the details that don't match, I am not convinced that there was a child or, if that child exists, that nutmeg took her to the hospital. It is possible that this is a scam.

Add to this the fact that she is reselling, that she appears to have shilling feedback, that her different shops (and items) ship from different places, and that she is not currently shipping items in a timely manner, and nutmeg's actions appear very flaky and not to be trusted.

Why does the etsy stuff matter? Because she is selling from etsy, and she first brought this to etsy. People know very little about her, and someone can learn much about a person by the way they run their shop.

I realize that people do believe nutmeg completely and choose to take her word above anything to the contrary. I and others are not like that. This whole thing was done over the internet - where anyone can be anything - and so some caution and skepticism are advised when backing someone or contributing to a cause of theirs.

My heart goes out to those people who hitched themselves to the nutmeg train, because her actions reflect negatively on all of them, too. Even if this isn't a scam - and I hope it isn't - her behaviour does not inspire confidence in her choices or her causes.

moonstr said...

i ♥ you too Huggie!!!!

Huggie said...

Chantelle- I will do my best to find the images of the hospital reciepts, though I believe that most of that was from her own money.

The majority of the money is still IN the paypal account (not nutmeg's account, mind you). There is proof of that as well.

I'm very disorganized at the moment, but I'll try to find what you're asking for.

Anonymous said...

Whatever the truth turns out to be here, and no one really knows or probably every will know what the truth is, you're such a good-hearted, sweet person and I have nothing but respect for you and what you've tried to do. You're not Nutmeg--you're someone who tried to do something good, and have faith enough to see it through to the end. Loyalty and sweetness are rare things in this world.
Be well and take care.

Huggie said...

Thank you. And I whole heartedly agree - No one will probably ever know the truth. All I can do is have faith that there ARE people in the world that simply want to help, even if they don't know how to do it in the best way.

Chantelle said...

Thank you for looking for the receipts, Huggie - I really appreciate your willingness to address the questions I have.

I know that it will be difficult if not impossible to figure out the whole truth about what happened. I very much want to believe that this is not a scam because I know that everyone who got involved did so out of a sincere desire to help and to make things better for one child. I admire the commitment and willingness to help in all of you, and it makes me sick to think that you all might have been taken in.

I hope that you all still find some way to help others and that you're able to find a front-line person whose honesty and integrity is totally above suspicion or questioning.

Huggie said...

You're welcome, Chantelle. Sorry it's taking me so long. I'm trying to get ahold of some of the aunties who have been handling the financial aspect of it, but we never seem to be online at the same time.

Hopefully, I'll have it for you tonight.

stylesmith said...

Huggles to the darling Huggie x

Huggie said...

thank you stylesmith :) Huggles are the best!

BlackTear said...

If you promise to play nice, you can come over to my sandbox:

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Heather said...

Thanks for posting that!