Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Letters You'll Never Send

Do you ever have a thought in your head that you're dying to express? A secret itching to get out? Pent up frustrations that you just want to scream from the rooftops?

We all do. I write in my journal to clear my head of the toxic clutter, but sometimes I wish someone else would read it. I want to hear people's thoughts and opinions - I just don't want them to know my secret.

This is what inspired my new blog segment, "Letters You'll Never Send." We all sometimes write letters, spending hours finding the right wording, just to crumple up the paper and throw it away. Well, no more.

Submit your letters to me annonymously, and I will publish them on my blog. Then you can connect with other readers who have experienced similar trials and tribulations, or read about others who can see your delimmas in a different perspective.

To submit your letters, you can email me at Please try to keep it under 500 characters (I understand, though, that sometimes you can't help but elaborate). Feel free to submit photos you would like to be included in the blog, but please only post pics of people who have given their consent. And no incriminating photos, please.

I can't wait to see what's on your mind!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Regretsy - Detrimental or Free Publicity? is a website which has no purpose but to make fun of creations found on etsy. Here is their disclaimer:

Don’t get us wrong. We like crafts.

We just don’t like these crafts.

Yes, we know these people put their hearts into it. We know it took hours and hours. We know how mean it is to laugh at their creations. And we regret being the only web site on the internet that makes fun of things.

But what can we do? We’re immature.

Besides, art is totally subjective. Who cares what we think? I barely care and I’m writing this.

There's more, which you can find by clicking the "disclaimer" button at the top of the page from their home page.

When I first heard about, I was appalled. All of these artists work very hard, pouring their heart and soul into their work, only to have their pieces ridiculed by these closed-minded, arrogant jack-asses.

But then I noticed that images that were posted linked directly back to the artist's shop. So I clicked. Much to my suprise, many of these items have been sold!

My theory is that people LOVE something different. Something with a shock factor. Yeah, people post some really mean things in the comments section, but face it - this is really good free publicity! I'm sure hundreds of people visit regretsy every day - in those hundreds of people, someone's probably already got their wallet out.

How does one get on regretsy??

My first thought when I found regretsy was "Oh my god, if one of my cowls or something ever shows up on there, I will DIE!!!"

However, now I'm plotting my entry. What to make? Should it just be flat-out bad, or vulgar? Generally distasteful?

Nah, I don't want to misrepresent my work... However, I am considering a dorkishly cute adult crocheted pointed pixie cap.

What does everyone else think?

Btw, the photo at the top is the Birch Bark Purse by lynncyrart. I think it is beautiful, and I would carry it with me every day!!! However, it was featured on retgretsy. Can you believe it?!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Some call me Huggie.. But Adia can always call me Auntie.

Many of you know of the story of Adia, and how several women -Adia's Aunties - came together to give her a second chance at life.

Most of you also know how it all went awry, not only possibly preventing future help for Adia, but also crushing the spirits of these Aunties who sacrificed so much to help someone they knew they'd never meet.

As I attempted to read the slanderous and nasty accusations following a certain blog post, I found myself wondering where exactly I stood in this whole mess.. After a lot of thought and meditation, I decided to address the subject on my own blog.

Firstly, I whole heartedly believe that everyone involved in what was hoped to become the ADIA Foundation went into it with love, hope, and the best intentions. Especially Nutmegclick. Many of you will call me foolish for believing her, but I have followed her threads from the beginning, and she never once asked for money. She never ASKED people to list charity items. These people did so willingly, on their own accord.

Nutmeg may have not gone about this all in the most appropriate way, but you have to remember that she didn't see a starving kid on the street and say "Oh, hey, I'm going to start a foundation for her!!" She simply saw a starving child and couldn't walk away. She reacted to it all much as I think I would, myself. Things escalated much too quickly, as all of the kind hearted people on etsy offered their help.

The big controversy, I believe, was that she had stolen the money which was donated to help Adia. As this has been proven false, why is there still controversy?

I know the big debate now is whether or not she is reselling and other inappropriate conduct involving her shop. I don't know anything about this, so I can't really make a statement. If any of it is true, fine. How many shops have we all seen with questionable listings? If you don't think it's right, flag it and go on. Do what you would with any other shop.

I wonder how many of you have considered what consequences Nutmeg may suffer due to the lies that have been pursued? Many of you are stating opinions as fact. And even if she is a hippie, did drugs, is/was promiscuous, has a "flowery" vocabulary, spells color "c-o-l-o-u-r" instead of "c-o-l-o-r," who CARES? That doesn't make her a bad person! Guess what guys, I have *gasp* smoked pot before! But I am an awesome person with a good heart. I believe her to be, as well.

I don't know Nutmeg in person. We've talked several times, even before the Adia situation, and I have always liked her. That said, I have no proof that she's honest and warm. I haven't looked up files and records to prove my hunch. Indeed, I'll even admit that I could be very wrong. But my faith that a person could do so much to help another being with no ulterior motive is what keeps me beautiful inside and what gives me peace.

Thank you for reading,
Huggie (a.k.a. hippiehempstress)