Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Not a Regular Post...

Today, I was outside working. I heard screaming up the road, and saw the neighbor girl laying in the road with her bike, crying and screaming. Another girl she was with was trying to help her up, but every time she went to move the bike, the injured girl started screaming and begging the other girl to get help. 

Of course, I went up to see what was going on, and the girl was sobbing, and told me that she thought her leg was broken. She kept saying "Look, I'm trying to move it, but it won't move! I can't move my leg!" The other girl went to get a neighbor (family friend), but she and I just kind of stared at the girl, not knowing what to do. She said she'd go get her dad (a bit further down the road), but I told her just to use my phone to call him because it would be quicker.

When he came up, I felt relieved, thinking "ok, this is dad, he'll know what to do for his daughter. He'll be better able to assess the severity of things since he knows her better than I do."

No. He yells, "Get the hell out of the road." She's still bawling, and explains that she can't. She can't move her leg. She's in a lot of pain. She can't get up. I've already tried moving the bike away from her, but the tiniest budge made her scream. No difference to him, though. He comes up and just shoves the bike out of the way, jarring he leg pretty hard. "You can't damn well lay in the road all night, now get the hell up." 

This isn't a little kid. She's probably about 12 or 13, only a few inches shorter than me, but she is clearly scared. I told him to stop, and that I would help him lift her up so she wouldn't have to stand on her bad leg. Ok, so essentially I lifted her up while he coached her, but we got her up. (p.s., she's a really BIG girl. I should send him my chiropractor bill.) Anyway, once she was up, it was clear that her leg was screwed up pretty badly. Looks like her knee cap was on the side of her knee instead of her front (she said when she wrecked, the peg went straight into her knee). As far as I can tell, he hasn't taken her to the doctor. Their car hasn't left. 

I feel terrible for the girl. I feel like there's something more I should do to ensure her health, but I don't want to go too far. Maybe she has a habit of over exaggerating things, and perhaps that's why he reacted so coldly. Maybe her leg is really ok. Whatever the situation really is, I hope that there is no permanent damage.

Tomorrow, I will investigate further and offer any assistance that I can. I guess all that I can ask is that my readers keep this girl, Nova, in their thoughts.