Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Etsy Christmas

Most of the Etsy Forum frequenters know about the sometimes nasty separation my husband and I are going through, and the financial hardship it has put me in.

I was certain that this would be the worst holiday season that me or my children would ever face. However, with the help of fellow Etsians, this was the most amazingly magical holiday, and I will never forget it! and drdjc "adopted" my family, ensuring that my two little boys had much to open, and that I had much to be thankful for. They both did WAY more than I could ever hope for, but they both even sent me gifts! Who doesn't like presents? :)
However, this isn't all about presents. This is about kindness, compassion and love. The generosity of these two women, along with other Etsians (,, and who helped me this season affected not only me, but everyone else that was able to witness the joy in the boys' eyes as they ripped open their gifts sent from all over the world. Even my husband really seemed to appreciate what may be the last Mather family holiday, as he held me and the boys close.

It was a truly beautiful day, and I want to thank the Etsy community for it!

(p.s., sorry about the crappy pics! I had to use my phone.. lol)