Thursday, June 4, 2009

No 'Poo, Week 2

So, today marks the 2nd week of no shampoo. I do notice that may hair is just a little bit oilier than normal, as it adjusts to not using shampoo. It's not so bad, though. I still wash my hair every other day, like I always did before. I expect that I'll be able to wash it less often as my hair no longer tries to overcompensate with oil.
I still love the way that washing my hair with baking soda and vinegar makes my hair feel! Then after my shower, I smooth the tiniest bit of coconut out on the ends to keep it smooth, and to make sure the baking soda doesn't dry it out. I also use my homemade gel concotion that I'm still trying to perfect.
Basically boil 1/2 cup water and stir in around 1 tsp of gelatin, and refrigerate. I've been experimenting with adding extra things to it. I originally tried adding coconut oil to it, but once you put it in the fridge the oil hardens and turns into flakes... I also added honey, which gives it extra hold, but if you put too much honey in, or use too much gel, your hair gets crunchy. lol. I also add orange extract because it smells yummy, and orange is supposed to be good for your hair. The gel comes out a little bit different every day as I toy around with it, but I'm always somewhat happy with the results!


Anonymous said...

Have you tried a catnip rinse? I'm hoping to try it. The henna lady at Truely Unique in Wilson gave me some pointers. I'm planning to dye my hair with henna next. She said it's only the compound hennas that can turn hair that's been chemically dyed black but the stuff they sell is 100% pure henna. Their shop is very inexpensive and the owner said she is not out for profit as she knows people need the stuff she sells. For instance, you can get nutmeg from her for 95 cents an ounce, sage for like 75 an ounce,etc... Next time you're in town we'll have to take a side trip there because nobody around can beat Kay's prices. She says if anyone sees a place that does let her know. She has the only shop around that is not for profit. She knows how expensive the items are in stores like it.

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Nancy said...

wow, that sounds pretty cool! i'll have to try it sometime