Friday, June 5, 2009

ACV, Day 3

Day 3 of my ACV diet is coming to a close. Have I lost any weight? Not likely. Am I full of energy? Um... No. However, I have noticed a dramatic loss of appetite. Yesterday I only ate once. Today, I realized that only eating once a day isn't very healthy, so even now as I type, I am forcing myself to stuff down some grilled turkey and some carrots...
The lack of appetite could honestly be due to the heat. I rarely feel like cooking when it's how outside. However, today was a mild day (mid 70's) and I have lean pockets and other microwavables on hand. Really all that I've had an appetite for is my apple cider vinegar. :)
This brings me to overcoming the taste. On day one, I mixed one glass of ACV water. I chugged down 1/4 of it, and couldn't take anymore. It was way too replusive. I couldn't even bring myself to attempt it in something else, and honey didn't help at all.
On day 2, I tried it straight. I loooove the taste of ACV on my fish, and on chips, so why not just take a teaspoon and get it over with? Whoa, was that a mistake! It burned worse than a shot of Bacardi 151! It did, however get rid of my heartburn. I can't figure that one out! lol
Then, last night I had a genius idea. I mixed my 3 tsp of ACV into a one liter bottle of lipton's lemon sweet tea. After a few sips, I couldn't even taste the vinegar! And now, it tastes wonderful to me. :) It gives the lemon a little extra kick. Today I mixed 2 tsp into 1/2 a liter, and it tasted even better.
So, how's it working for everyone else? Noticing any changes in your skin? Feeling less of an appetite? I would love to get comments, letting me know if this is doing anything for anyone else. Thanks for reading!


pinuppixie said...

I was reading your entry above, I read on another site that another thing ACV is good for is digestion and helps with heartburn☺

I just started today but, I'll let you know how it goes for me.

livingglassart said...

I remember seeing you post about this on the etc forum. I'd like to give it a try! I'll have to wait until I get to a health food store-there are none out here in the sticks. Good luck with it!